Carry on the Story of Appalachia

Support Foxfire's work preserving and sharing mountain memories

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Support Foxfire's work preserving and sharing mountain memories

YOU can carry on the story of Appalachia!

When folks visit Foxfire or read the books, they’re transported back in time to fond memories of past generations. These generations used what they had, made things themselves and loved the land. This … is Appalachia.

If you have been moved by these ideals, you know exactly what I mean. Your grit has made you who you are. Your love and appreciation of nature, hard work, hands-on activities and quality craftsmanship made a lasting impression on you.

Each day, folks come to the museum telling their Foxfire story and it never gets old. That’s how we started at Foxfire and how we need to carry on.

Your support and gifts allow Foxfire to keep teaching students of all ages about these invaluable heritage skills through the a wide variety of educational activities. They allow the next generation to see what made us who we are.

You can ensure that future generations know the value of family, perseverance, and self-reliance.

Thank you for your generous support – Foxfire can’t do this without you!


Todd Faircloth

Executive Director